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Enthusiasm and drive to get things done are qualities not usually associated with local municipal elections. These elections are often quiet affairs where information is hard to come by, few issues are raised in local media, and only a small minority of qualified voters actually exercises their right to vote. In Central Huron, voter turnout over 30% would be a welcome step forward.

A conversation with Jared Petteplace, candidate for Deputy Mayor

by Patrick Nagle

In interviewing Jared Petteplace, a well-known local resident and candidate for council, one comment sticks out. When asked why he has such passion for this position and why he is putting so much time and effort into the campaign to become Deputy Mayor his reply is simple yet profound. Petteplace says, “Municipal government provides services that affect local residents every day. It is the level of government we encounter the most. It is important we plan for the future and make better use of the resources we have today. I have the professional background to bring insight on the many planning and infrastructure decisions that need to be made in the near future.”

Solid decision-making nurtures healthy communities. Municipal government services touch the lives of Central Huron residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We just assume water will come out of the taps, the sewers will carry away the waste, our streetlights will shine in the dark and our roads will be reasonably navigable even in wintertime. In times of trouble we expect the police will respond, a fire truck will be on the scene or an ambulance will be available to transport a distressed person to the local hospital for immediate medical attention.

When you think about it, there are a lot of moving parts to make a municipality function properly. Much of the infrastructure is hidden from view, perhaps buried underground or housed in a building we pass everyday, without wondering what actually goes on there. We don't think about these things until one day our ageing infrastructure or reduced services and soaring property taxes force a municipality to make some hard choices. To this accord Petteplace says, “I want to offer my business background to look at what we are doing through fresh eyes. We can do better!” 

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