Jared Petteplace for Deputy Mayor

341 Ontario Street
N0M 1J0


The following issues are at the heart of my campaign:

  • We need to find a way to make property taxes more equitable so that those on farms and with larger landmass in Hullett and Goderich Township are only paying their share without the continued increases seen in recent years.

  • Given my knowledge and training in areas such as competitive bidding, HVAC systems, infrastructure, fire services, water distribution, pumps and pools, I could be a strong resource for the town, potentially offering tips and insight on how to respect taxpayer resources by finding efficient and effective solutions to the issues facing Central Huron.

  • In this era of Amazon and big box stores, we need to develop innovative solutions to supporting and enhancing our downtown and area businesses. It's become too easy for folks to drive to Goderich or one of the major cities for groceries. dining or other services. As a small business owner and operator, I understand the need to use the tools available to us to engage with the public in the online marketplace.

  • We need to make water and sewer bills more affordable for residents while looking at conservation programs and public engagement tools in an effort to protect our most precious resource - clean, safe drinking water. As a new father, I want to be secure that my son, and future generations alike, can inherit a community where they can have a career and raise their own family in a safe and prosperous way that was once the hallmark of small town, rural Ontario.

  • As a representative of Huron County Council, I would push for more progress and innovation by directing resources to the programs and departments that will make the county, and its partner municipalities, competitive for industry, jobs and talent while also working to provide solutions for the counties most vulnerable citizens.


About Jared


My work history involves 13 years of teaching experience as a professor at Fanshawe College, consulting for Reliance Home Comfort as well as government agencies, and owning my own HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration company within Central Huron. 

I was a member of the Refrigeration Apprenticeship Curriculum Advisory board for Ontario, Past President of the facilities board for a local Church, and was Director of Operations for a political party in Huron/Bruce County.


My wife, Stacey, grew up on a farm in Southwestern Ontario. She is a Registered Early Childhood Educator and Professor of Early Childhood Education at Fanshawe College's Clinton campus (although she is currently on maternity leave). She handles all of the design, social media and customer service aspects for our business, Hope Metal Studio, and is one of the most creative people I know. 

If you want to see her face light up start talking to her about social/emotional development in children, youth community engagement, and, of course, our 3 1/2 month old son Austin. Stacey is compassionate, witty and incredibly smart and there is no doubt she makes me a better person.

A Conversation with Jared Petteplace

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