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With 20 years service in Goderich, Clinton, Bayfield, Seaforth, Wingham, Blyth, and Kincardine, Rob Little offers a friendly, professional plumbing service at a very competitive price.
Huron County, Ontario reaches for the phone to call Rob Little Plumbing.

Rob Little is licensed and experienced plumber who can service your residential, commercial or cottage jobs both big and small. Contact Rob Little for all your plumbing needs.

Rob Little Plumbing

Residential, Commercial, Cottage & for kitchens, bathrooms, - repair or renovations. Cottage winterizing services.

Rob Little has been providing plumbing services in Huron County for 25 years, including 20 years of operating his own business.  Contact Rob Little for a free quote.  


Plugged drains, dripping taps, stubborn toilets can all be fixed to return the joy to your "home enjoyment." I work on homes both new and ones needing a little TLC.


Industrial and other commercial enterprises are part of my work experience. I will be able to provide your project with an accurate quote to get the job done for your business.

Renovation Projects

Your kitchen or bathroom renovation project needs a plumber, electrician and carpenter. In additional to doing a professional plumbing job, I would be happy to be the lead contractor and bring in the other trades to get your project done on time and on budget.

  • Cottage Winterizing

    At the beginning or end of the cottage season, you can have the peace of mind to have a professional take care of the details for you. I can winterize your cottage and have it opened up for the summer season, so you can just walk through the door and enjoy your recreational property. Just shut the door at season's end and walk in when it it time to reopen.

Contact Rob Little


I am always ready to quote a new job. Please call my mobile phone. Please leave a message on the answering service, and I will be in touch shortly.



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