Tamarack Cottage Rental - Lakefront Cottage in Huron County, Bayfield, Ontario

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Bayfield, Ontario lakefront cottage overlooking Lake Huron.

Bayfield, Ontario lakefront (lake front) cottage rentals need to stop here!

A lakeside view and private beach…

Tamarack was built around 1940 and in 1994 a one and a half story was added which triples the floor space. There is also a veranda. The floors are pine, and the walls in the living room are red cedar from BC.

On the ground floor, in the new addition, the ceiling is supported by exposed wood beams from and old house near the Talbot Trail, in the Lake Erie area. The wide pine floors are from an 1832 magistrates, Georgian house in Ingersoll and the front door and entrance I think are also from near the historic Talbot Trail.

The cottage...The outside walls of the cottage are covered with cedar shingles, which now have turned to the characteristic grey like the cottages at Cape Cod.

Tamarack is situated close to the lake cliff edge, next to a ravine resulting in a spectacular view of the lake from the living room. I have owned the place since 1984 and even yet, when I have been away for a couple of weeks I am once again impressed when I walk into the living room to see how close the lake is.

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(519) 482-7740
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