Stoneboat (Garden Tractor) Pullers

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Rural dwellers seem to have an infinite capacity in coming up with innovative ways to compete and entertain at the same time. If the whole family can be involved, so much the better. Now there is a stoneboat pulling event for your garden tractor that is becoming very popular at county fairs.

This is a true family sport for all ages. Hop on your home garden tractor, or if you are mechanically inclined, enter the souped up modified garden tractor pull event. Before you do though, be advised there are rules to observe. For instance, all tractors must have working brakes. Your are also required to wear a helmet. Seems sensible enough. You can get all the details at where the Sweiger family of Wingham have been blazing a trail to garden tractor adventure.

This sport will be one of the Clinton Spring Fair's featured events for their Saturday program, June 3rd, 2017. Plan now to tune up your garden tractor for a good showing on the Clinton racetrack.

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