Heather DeJong organizes social art working events in Huron County, Ontario. Brushstrokes in Motion also provides custom decorative painting, and art supplies.

Heather showing sample paintings

Hello, my name is Heather DeJong. I organize and teach artwork at various locations in Huron County to find enjoyment in discovering your hidden artistic talents. A typical evening includes meeting in a group to learn and enjoy each other's company in a fun setting. I call this "social art" because half the fun is discovering art and meeting some new neighbours!

Sample Artwork Art class is always fun. The best part is when we show off our accomplishments for friends and family. Hope you enjoy our sample work displayed above..

Classes Classes are being organized for the spring and fall season. Please contact me by using the form at the bottom of the page to find out what is available for 2017.

Age groups from 11 to 30 and up are booking for classes and even birthdays..

Artwork that you can do is even more fun when we make it social as in "Social Artworking'. Join a group of women for an evening of learning, fun and producing your masterpiece!

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