Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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dustless hardwood floor refinishing

Homeowners in Huron County, Ontario have a new cost effective and dustless option to restore hardwood floors. Older homes in such places as Goderich, Bayfield, Exeter, Clinton, Seaforth and Wingham display their Victorian elegance to the outside world.  However, on the inside, the once magnificent hardwood flooring has been covered up by carpets which now need to be replaced. Instead of recovering your floor, have you considered restoring your home’s old hardwood charm? 
Many people think the only way to revert to hardwood is to cover the existing wood with another expensive layer. In past, sanding down the old wood floors was a costly and dirty job.  The good news though is that McMahon Custom Flooring has the machinery to do the job with a “dust busting “method to restore your hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost of laying another hardwood layer.
Not every floor is the same of course. It is best to call John McMahon to let an experienced eye assess the best way to re-charm your home floors. John has many years of experience in installing new floors, as well as restoring.  Visit his listing by clicking here or call 519-482-7713.  

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